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We are pleased to have Caridad Pacheco join the team…

Caridad Pacheco is a licensed and professional real estate agent in Miami, Fl. In the year 1997 her parents faced the difficult decision of leaving their customs, family and friends to pursue a better future for their children. After leaving Cuba at a very young age, Caridad and her parents relocated to Kendall, FL where she became the successful and caring person she is today. As a child, she was drawn to the pharmaceutical sciences, so she decided to pursue that career earning her Associate’s Degree in Pharmacy Management. Although she continues to study and work toward her dream career she also developed a passion for helping others find their dream home, which is the main reason she has made that her number one priority.

Today, alongside her husband, Caridad guides people toward home ownership. She quotes “nothing compares to the smile in their face when they know they’ve walked into their dream home”. For Caridad it is more than a customer-realtor relation or just another transaction, for her it is building a relationship and an environment where both parties work jointly to accomplish the same goal, it is to relive the moment her parents and that little girl fulfilled the American dreaming of owning their first apartment, it is knowing you have done right by your clients and they are 100% satisfied with the effort and care you have offered. It is as gratifying for her to help a stranger fulfill that same dream as it would be one of her own family members.


Contact Info:

Caridad M Pacheco
Real Estate Consultants
(305) 562-2531
5600 SW 135 Ave Suite #103
Miami, FL 33183

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