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For many buying a home ranks up there with a successful career and a happy family as a key pillar of the American Dream. “Buying often makes financial sense” is a phrase most will use to try and persuade another to buy instead of renting. However, those who do rent have there reasons why.

Let’s begin by discussing the great amount of flexibility renting allows them. In todays market you can rent a home for as short of a period as two months. In addition, todays work force many¬†careers require employees to be mobile friendly, and willing to spend weeks and months away from home. Renting allows them the flexibility of only being put for a couple months without having to pay much more than a monthly payment.

In addition, many want to avoid the maintenance and other added costs being a home owner brings. Typically your landlord has to fix structural defects or other problems such as plumbing, a broken a/c or any kitchen appliances breaking. However, once you become a home owner all these expenses now fall on you. Let’s not forget you now have to also pay a yearly tax and insurance by law, which for some that is a deal breaker.

Lastly, many just¬†aren’t fond of the big down payment having to be given all at once. Others feel the price tag on a home can be discouraging, especially if space is of the essence. On the bright side when renting a home there are great companies we have affiliated with that only require two months down payment. These companies make renting a breeze and have a 24-hour turn around time for fixing any maintenance inconveniences that may come up. These companies have a variety of homes available for rent all throughout the South Florida Area to fit your wants and needs.

If you’re looking for a rental give us a call today we can help!

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