Living Premises investment property tenant screening

Purchased your first investment property? Need to rent it out but don’t know where to start? Once the purchase of your investment property is finalized the next crucial step in order for your investment to start offering you returns is to find the best tenant possible. Before you can manage a successful rental property, you… Read More

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Once you have made the decision of becoming a homeowner, you will have one of two images in your mind. The first image is a scary one: the home buying process in South Florida is complicated to an intense degree, marked by obstacle after obstacle, something that is bound to cause stress. The second image… Read More

If you are part of an immigrant family, more likely than not, there are some people in your family that are all named the same. In my case, my mother, sisters, cousins, aunts…most of the women in my family are named…drum roll…you guessed it, MARIA. My three sisters all have a Maria in their names,… Read More